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Take a moment to go through these queries; they may provide you with the immediate answers you need. If your question isn't covered here, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're always here to help you navigate your trading journey.

Do you Provide any Tips or Recommendations in the Telegram Channel

Strictly NO! We never provide any Trade Recommendation or Buy and Sell Calls. 

How can I access the LWS Indicator?

You can gain access to the LWS Indicator by subscribing to our services on our website. Once you subscribe, the indicator will be manually added to your TradingView account within 12 hours.

Does the LWS Indicator guarantee profitable trades?

While the LWS Indicator is designed to provide you with reliable information for informed trading decisions, it's important to note that no indicator can guarantee profits. Trading involves risks and should always be accompanied by sound risk management practices.

Can I use the LWS Indicator for any type of trading?

The LWS Indicator is designed to suit any Market conditions be it Stocks, Indexes, Crypto.

I saw a breakout on the LWS Indicator, but my trade didn’t work out. Why is that?

Trading is a probabilistic game and not every trade will be profitable, even with the best indicators. What's important is your overall win-rate and risk management. The LWS Indicator is a tool that can help increase the probability of successful trades, but it doesn't eliminate the inherent risk in trading.

What is the LWS Indicator?

The LWS Indicator is a powerful trading tool developed by Mr. Sankalp. It provides crucial insights into the stock market by automatically identifying bullish and bearish breakout zones and non-trading zones, helping you make informed trading decisions.

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