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  • Who can use LWS ?
    Open to all individuals. 1. Day Traders 2. Investors 3. Working Professionals & Graduates 4. Small business owners 5. High net worth individuals 6. Retirees and Seniors 7. Homemaker
  • Are there any prerequisites for joining LWS ?
    Functional knowledge of options trading, working Demat and Trading account and sufficient capital as per risk profiling.
  • How will I receive the recommendations ?
    You will receive the trade recommendations on dedicated Telegram Group
  • How much Capital is required to Trade with LWS ?
    We recommend you to start with at least 5 lakh Capital and post joining do ensure to watch the recorded risk management orientation session.
  • Do you offer refunds ?
    The services once paid for are non refundable and non transferable .
  • What is LWS ?
    Learn With Sankalp or LWS is a Stock Market Advisory Service where you can get Buy/Sell calls in Stocks and Index(Indian Stock Market), with Advisory People can also avail the LWS Indicator which comes with the Subscription.
  • What services does the subscription plans include ?
    Premium Combo - Intraday calls in NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, FINNIFTY options. - Intraday breakout calls in trending stocks - Access to LWS Pro Indicators - Positional swing trades in cash. - Access to recorded Orientation Sessions - Access to daily Stock Selection Index Trading Plan - Intraday calls in NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, FINNIFTY options. - System Breakout levels at market opening for Nifty , Banknifty and Finnnifty
  • Are there any discounts or trials ?
    We believe in providing quality service and thus we do not offer any offers / coupons or discounts
  • How do I get in touch with Customer Support ?
    Reach out to us at Our Team is ready to assist you on weekdays between 9 am to 5 pm
  • How many calls are given in a day
    Subject to market conditions , 2-5 calls in options segment in a day , 2 -3 positional swing trades in cash segment depending on market conditions (weekly).
  • I have subscribed , how to start ?
    After registration, members will be provided with links to join dedicated telegram premium channels. To watch mentorship / orientation videos (Applicable only for Premium Combo Plan ) Download the LearnWithSankalp App on Android / AppStore, Members can use the same credentials to login and avail the services through the app - go to Purchases -> Select Orientation Session
  • How will I get access to the Indicators
    As soon as the payment is processed, you have to proceed and complete the KYC process and provide your details along with your Tradingview id (An email address is not a Tradingview Id) you will be given links to join 2 premium telegram channels. LWS Premium - For Daily Stock Selection , Intraday and Positional Trades in Stocks Sankalp's Index Trading Group - For Index Trades Please note that if you do not complete the KYC process , you will not be able to join the Telegram Channels nor will you get access to the indicators on Tradingview. In LWS Premium Channel , check the pinned message and fill the Risk Profile Questionnaire, after filling the form successfully , access will be given on your TradingView ID within 24 hrs.
  • Does LWS offer a Portfolio Management Service ?
    No, LWS does not offer a Portfolio Management Service (PMS).
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